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    The Moustache Lundi 20.3 DUAL is Moustache’s first Cargo eBike. With huge cargo carrying potential at both ends of the bike, the opportunities are endless. Whether you’re transporting kids, groceries, packages, or all of the above, the Moustache Lundi 20.3 DUAL is the bike for you!

    Moustache spent over three years developing and refining the Lundi 20. Some of the key aspects they focussed on were safety, practicality, ease of maintenance, and integration of the Bosch Cargo Line Motor.



    • The Lundi 20 range has been tested to the extremely stringent DIN79010 Cargo Bike Standard.
    • Braking control on the Lundi 20 range is excellent thanks to Magura hydraulic disc brakes and eBike rotors that ensure consistent braking performance.
    • Powerful AXA lights front and rear are both adjustable and increase in brightness when braking. This provides increased safety on bike paths and roads.
    • The recycled PP rear wheel guard and front fender protects your wheels, keeps you clean, and keeps your passengers’ feet out of harms way.
    • The ALBERT aluminium protection bar comes as standard on all Lundi 20 models. Albert enables you to safely carry 2 children or large loads. The rounded edges on each corner protect your passengers hands when parking the bike against a wall.


    • The Lundi 20 features a large rear rack that’s designed to work with backpacks, dual-panniers, and Moustache’s 45L Clementine Panniers. The Clementine Panniers are designed specifically for the Lundi 20 and can stay on your Lundi 20 all the time. When they’re not in use (or you’re transporting passengers) you can simply fold them away so passengers can use the integrated footrests. In terms of passenger carrying options there’s the Moustache x Urban Iki Baby Seat for passengers aged up to 6 years or 22kg, and the Moustache x Urban Iki Seat Pad for people of all ages up to 70kg. For passengers travelling on the Seat Pad, Moustache have developed the custom Diego Passenger Bar for them to hold onto.
    • Moustache also want to keep any luggage you’re transporting on the back of the Lundi 20 safe. That’s why they developed the Moustache Hook Kit, which is a set of straps designed to work perfected with the rear rack and Albert Protection Bar. If you’re transporting irregular shaped objects, the Moustache Mario Modular Bar will keep your load secure while riding.
    • What about somewhere to store luggage on the rear rack? Alongside the Clementine Panniers, Moustache have the utilitarian Frida MIK 33L Crate, and the stylish Salvador 23L Basket that attach and are removed in seconds via the MIK HD system.
    • Many Lundi 20 riders will need to carry both children and luggage. That’s no problem with the Lundi 20. Transport two passengers on the rear of the bike using the Child Seat and Seat Pad (or any combination of the two). Then use either the Magnum or Charlie front rack to attach a Frida or Salvador in seconds using the integrated MIK HD system.

    Click here to view all the accessories compatible with the Lundi 20 range.


    • The Lundi 20’s frame is made from aeronautical quality aluminium. The frame surpasses all bicycle testing requirements worldwide by a huge margin. As a result it remains stiff even when fully loaded. All Lundi 20 models come with the rear rack, passenger footrests, and Albert Protection Bar as standard. All you need to decide is what accessories you want, whether you want a front rack, and you’ll be riding in no time!
    • The frame uses a balanced geometry and lowered centre of gravity with both the motor and battery placements. This provides a safe ride feeling at all speeds. A spring connecting the fork and front triangle assists in keeping the bike tracking straight even with heavy loads.
    • The rear kickstand suspends the entire bike and provides stability when loading and unloading children. When you’ve finished your ride the Lundi 20 can be stored vertically to reduce the space it takes up. Despite its huge cargo carrying capacity, the Lundi 20 is around the same size as a ‘regular’ bike in a large size.


    • All bikes in the Lundi 20 range use the Bosch Cargo Line system. The cargo line system offers increased torque even at low cadence for better momentum when starting from a stopped position. Even with two kids and a week’s worth of groceries, you’ll have no problem tackling the steepest hills with this powerful motor.
    • Moustache’s Lundi 20.3 uses two of Bosch’s PowerPack 500wh Batteries. The batteries can be charged both on and off the bike.
    • The display is the Bosch Intuvia centrally mounted display, meaning all the information you want is very easy to view and stylishly integrated.
    • Bosch’s walk walk mode makes getting the bike up stairs, steed driveways, or anywhere you need to walk easy.


    Model : Lundi 20.3 DUAL.

    Frame : Lundi 20 mid step-over, 6061 T4-T6 alloy, hydroformed and extruded triple cavity tubes for optimal stiffness. Integrated cable routing. Optimal geometry for stable handling and great maneuverability. Mounting points for optional front carrier.

    Fork : Lundi, alloy w/integrated cable routing.

    Motor : Bosch, Cargo Line – 250W nominal power, max 600W. 85Nm – Assistance up to 400 % – Powerful – Natural – Quiet – Frictionless – Compact – Lightweight.

    Battery : Bosch, DualBattery, 2 x PowerPack 500Wh. Total: 1000Wh.

    Battery Range : Estimate your ebike battery range.

    Charger : Bosch, Fast Charger 6Ah, 3h half charge, 5.4h full charge.

    Display : Bosch, Intuvia central mount with separate control unit – 5 modes (Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo, Off). Information available offline – USB port to charge a phone, MP3 player, etc.

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