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Bike Shop in Richmond

Are you facing issues with your bike? Whether it’s a problem with your bike’s gear change mechanisms or your bike needs tyre and wheel replacement, we at Spokes have you covered. If you are looking for a bike store in Richmond that offers a complete range of bike repair services, we can help. 

We are known for providing bike repair services for all kinds of issues. We also provide a range of road, mountain, hybrid bicycles and electric bicycles equipped with the latest features.  

Why choose us? 

We have a knowledgeable and friendly team at our bike shop in Richmond who can offer great advice and suggestions for all your bike-related queries. We will examine and assess the condition of your bike and then design a custom repair plan that best suits your needs and budget. We offer unbiased advice because we want you to get the best bicycle experience possible.  

We as a leading bike shop in Richmond encourage our customers to take a test ride around the city to get a never-like-before experience.  

We also offer a wide range of the best accessories at our bike store in Richmond. Some of these accessories are:  

  • Safe and Comfortable Helmets for all Head Sizes 

  • Thermal Gloves for Extreme Winters 

  • Backpacks and Bottles in a Range of Colours and Designs 

  • Specialised Safety Gear for Bicycles 

  • Bicycle Spare Parts 

The Best Bike Repair Shop in Richmond  

Whether there is an issue with your air filter or fuel hose, we get it fixed. We inspect your bicycle to check for any cracks or damage. Whether you own a road bicycle, mountain bicycle, hybrid bicycle or electric bicycle – we service bikes of all kinds. Visit our website or contact us to know about our same-day repair services as well.  We perform complete safety checks and conduct thorough inspections and adjustments of bike parts including the brakes, frame, and handlebars.  

Get in touch with us today to know more.  

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