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The Best Bike Shop in Kew

Spokes is one of the leading bike shops in Kew providing a range of latest bicycles with advanced features such as remote control, phone charging and inter-device connectivity. Along with this, we also offer bike repair services in and around Kew. 

We believe to have a smooth and hassle-free riding experience; your bike must function properly. Regular repair, inspection and maintenance can make a lot of difference and upgrade your bike riding experience. Spokes is proud to offer after-sales services where our professionals carry out maintenance and safety so that your bike runs smoothly and exceeds your expectations. 

How can we help? 

Our bicycles are suited to the lifestyle and people of Kew who love golf, football, cricket, and other sports. Just visit our bike shop in Kew to choose a bike, get a test ride and experience adventure with all the comfort and facilities of a modern bicycle.   

Choose from a range of road, mountain, and hybrid bicycles. Besides, we also specialise in electric bicycles that are sustainable and help you save on money and fuel. Our electric bicycles are super-comfortable, lightweight, and compact.  

Spokes is also the premium bike shop offering repairs in Kew. We offer in-house servicing for push bikes as well as e-Bikes. If you have any questions related to bicycle maintenance or repair, our friendly and highly knowledgeable staff is there to offer you great advice. We sell all bike parts and accessories as well.   

The Bike Shop in Kew with a Complete Range of Accessories 

Be it gloves, lights or mudguards – we have a complete range of everything you need for a bike ride, and we keep updating our stock. Even if you have a special requirement, let us know, and we will arrange it for you.  

Just some of the accessories available at our bike shop in Kew are: 

  • Helmets and Other Safety Gear 

  • Cycle Backpacks and Bottles 

  • Cycle Pumps 

  • Bags and Panniers 

  • Cycle Baskets 

  • Saddle Covers 

  • Lighting Parts 

  • Cycle Bells 

  • Cycle Locks 

  • Spare Parts and Accessories 

Importance of bike repairs  

When it comes to your safety, bike repairs are a preventive measure you can take to ensure a smooth riding experience. At Spokes, we have in-house tools and equipment needed to assess the bike and its components. We make sure your bike is fully functioning. From inspecting the damages to servicing the old parts to replacing worn-off parts, we do it all.  

Visit our bike repair shop in Kew today.  

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