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Bike Shop in Collingwood 

To ensure an enjoyable and safe bike riding experience, your bike along with its components must function properly. When it comes to your safety, wearing a helmet isn’t just enough. Here comes the role of Spokes. We are your one-stop destination for all your Bike repair needs in Collingwood. 

We believe that with proper repairs and maintenance services, you can quickly resolve any issues big or small and keep your bike going for many years to come. With a special emphasis on after-sales services, we at Spokes strive to provide our customers with end-to-end repairing services from our bike shop in Collingwood area. 

Why choose us? 

Spokes is all about offering a unique bike riding experience to you. Our team of technicians go above and beyond to assist customers in a timely and friendly manner. For us, clients' safety and comfort play an essential role when it comes to bike repair and maintenance.  

With our bike repair services in Collingwood, you can expect optimum performance from your bike. Whether you have a mountain bike or an e-bike, we have you covered with our comprehensive range of repair services.  

Come visit our store 

At Spokes, we want to make sure you get the right set of services, and you feel confident about your purchases.  That’s why focus on offering exceptional after-sales services. Plus, we love meeting our clients in person and inviting them to be part of our community. 

At our bike shop in Collingwood, we offer a complete range of:  

  • Push Bikes 

  • Cargo Bikes 

  • Road Bikes 

  • Mountain Bikes 

  • Hybrid Bikes 

  • Electric Bikes 

We are obsessed with the latest in bike technology and safety.  We are focused on providing a seamless experience to our clients.  

Expert Same-Day Bike Repair Services in Collingwood 

Spokes offer complete bike repair solutions in Collingwood with a full assessment and fixes for all kinds of issues. We also offer same-day repair services.  Whether your bicycle has a punctured wheel, broken cable, or any other issue – we are there to fix it. Some of the features of our bike repair services in Collingwood are:  

  • Assessment and Fault Finding 

  • Safety Check 

  • Tune-Up 

  • General Repair 

  • Custom Repair 

Explore our website and contact our team to know more about our services. 

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